Word processing on Milena Nigro’s Finale – 20-hour module – CFA 3

Form: 20 hours
CFA: 3
Teachers: Milena Nigro 
Frequency: Every 2 weeks
Entry Requirements: Entrance exam
Class size: 25 students
Places available: 25
Limitations: Open for free to all students enrolled in the current academic year; € 120.00 (without registration) for exteriors.


The course aims to provide the tools to write scores in professional style, through the use of Makemusic Finale, the most complete musical notation program.

We will start from the creation of simple lead sheets, up to the complex orchestral scores, with particular attention to the professional editing of the score and the extracted parts.

The lessons will have a very practical approach, with continuous exercises, allowing students to immediately use the program to write and print simple scores up to the orchestral ones.

The versions of the software used during the course will be Finale 2012 and Finale 2014 in Italian for both PC and Mac, with a look at the translation of the terms of the various tools for the use of the English version.


  • Create a new custom document or use a preset template
  • Insert music
  • Enter the agreements
  • How to customize the fonts and the abbreviations of the agreements
  • How to insert the sung text
  • The repetition tool
  • The tone tool
  • The most useful keyboard shortcuts
  • How to take care of editing for a professional lead sheet
  • Saving and backup
  • Copy and paste the music, the “filter” function
  • The indication of time
  • How to create and customize irregular groups
  • Write on multiple levels, assigning more tools for each item
  • Explode and implode the music
  • The low numbered
  • Score management. Add new staves and customize them
  • Create groups and brackets
  • The multiple paste tool
  • Staff styles: rhythmic writing, slash, hidden line, etc.
  • Create a new staff style. Write the “kicks over time” of the battery
  • Change time, tone or style
  • Carry the melody of one or more bars
  • The expression tool
  • The articulation tool
  • The instrument forms intelligent
  • Writing for percussion and drums
  • Advanced tools and special tools
  • Professional score editing
  • Professional extraction and editing of parts
  • Create a .pdf file
  • Import and export an audio track, a midi file, an .XML file
  • Export a selection as a .jpeg format
  • Playback, midi and audio
  • Plug-ins