Vocal Production Techniques in Live (for singers) by Alberto Recchia – 4-hour module – CFA 1

Form: 4 hours
CFA: 1
Teacher: Alberto Recchia
Frequency: To be declared
Entry Requirements: None
Class size: 30 students
Places available: 30
Limitations: Open to students in the academic courses of sound engineering and jazz/pop singing.


The voice is the most delicate of musical instruments and the correct microphone recording is essential to guarantee optimal listening to the audience and the performer. The dynamics of the sound changes in relation to the environmental characteristics, since the phenomena of reflection of the sound itself (echo, rumble, reverberation) may depend on the physical nature of the surfaces encountered by the sound wave. These phenomena create an irregular feedback that makes it difficult to manage the vocal parameters with consequences on the technical balance to which the performer generally relies. The seminar will provide the tools needed to understand how to get a good voice recovery while maintaining adequate listening, both in live and in the studio. In particular the following topics will be covered:

– introduction to sound

– the dynamics of vocal performance

– the microphone, types, sensitivities and polar diagrams

– studio and live listening management

Eligibility issued by the teacher