Visa and residence permit

EU Students

No visa is required for European students, although for stays that last longer than 3 months it is mandatory to register your residency at Rome’s City Hall (Anagrafewithin 90 days from the arrival in Italy.

For registering, each student must have the following documents:

(1) ID Card/Passport

(2) CodiceFiscale, (see dedicated section)

(3) Enrolling Certificate from Saint Louis

(4) updated TEAM Card (European Health Insurance Card)

(5) Dichiarazione delle risorse economiche form (financial resources statement)

(6) Dichiarazione di Residenza form (residency statement)

After having all the documents ready, you must take an appointment at Anagrafe. As Rome is a large city Anagrafe has many offices, for this reason you may search for the right office based on the address of your accommodation. Click here to find out in which Anagrafe’s office you must register in.

Once you’ve found the right Anagrafe office, you must register yourself at, it will enable you to enter the calendar-agenda of the specific office in order to book an appointment to deliver your documents. On the day of your appointment bring with you all the required documents – original and photocopies.

The whole process takes almost 45 days.

Once you’ve registered your residency, it needs to be verified. According to the regular procedure (it usually does not really happen), a Rome Officer will come to visit the address you’ve declared, to confirm you do lives there. If you do not answer the door when the Officer passes by unannounced (if for example you are at Saint Louis, or at the supermarket, etc.), he will leave a card with day and time for you to come in person at Police Station to certify that your address is correct.

When you have everything done, within 45 days of your application, you may return to the Anagrafe office to pick up your residency certificate, which basically means you’re done with the bureaucratic work. Bring a copy of the certificate to Saint Louis Office.

N.B.: for legal reasons, every accommodation and rental contract must be registered at Agenzia delle Entrate (Italian Revenue Agency). Showing a statement of regular accommodation is one of the requirements to have the residency certificated done, for that reason be sure that the landlord or the rental agency can provide you a regular contract.

Non-EU Students

Non-European students must apply for an Entry Visa at the Italian Embassy before traveling to Italy.

Very important: in Italy there are 20 kind of entry Visa, and if you’re travelling to Italy only for the admission test at Saint Louis, or if you’re coming to enroll to one of Saint Louis’ courses, the kind of Visa you need may vary. You can find out what kind of Visa you need on this link, though it is highly recommended that you consult the Italian Embassy in your Country on how to proceed.

Once arrived in Italy, within 8 days students must request the Residence Permit (Permesso di Soggiorno), that actually converts the Visa (which grants you access into Italy) to a Permit of Stay (which allows you to actually stay in the Country). For that, you must:


Go to a Post Office with a special desk called a Sportello Amico. The main ones nearby Saint Louis are: (1) ROMA 44, Via Cavour, 277; (2) ROMA 158, Via Marsala, 39 (English speaking personnel). At the Post Office you must ask for the Permesso di Soggiorno applying kit. It is a series of forms you may fill in with your data and documents. Up to the present date, the forms are all written in Italian, and you may ask for the support of Saint Louis International Office to fill them in.


You will need:  a copy of your Passport and Visa pages, as well as a registered residence address (*) in Rome, a health insurance policy (see info on Health Insurance session below), plus the enrolling letter from Saint Louis(containing the dates of your enrollment).

Go to the tabacchi(tobacco newsagent shop) and buy a marcadabollo. It is a stamp with a monetary value that they will affix to one of the forms at the Post Office. There are many bolli, so just showing the form at the tabacchithey will be able to give you the right one.


Take your forms (filled in), photocopies, and bolloback to the post office to deliver everything. Make sure to bring your Passport with you. At this time, you will need to pay the fee for the Permessorequest plus the Post services. The price may vary from 40,00€to 100,00€, depending on length of validity.

Once the documents are accepted by the Post Office, you will get a receipt– keep it safe!This confirms the day and time that you must be at the Questura(immigration office) for actually having your Permesso di Soggiorno done. It is also your proof that you have applied for it, and you should technically carry it with you to move around in Italy before having the Permesso di Soggiorno Card. In addition to that, you must bring a photocopy of your receipt to Saint Louis Office.

The waiting time for the appointment in Questura may vary from a few weeks to a couple of months.


On the appointed day and time in Questura, take your receipt from the Post Office, your supporting document photocopies(health insurance policy, the enrolling letter from Saint Louis, etc.), your Passport, and 4 Italian passport sized photos (you can find machines that take photos like these for about €5 all over Rome, and especially at metro stations).

Questura Building is located at Teofilo Patini Street, n. 23. You can get there by taking Metro B line to Rebibbia Station, plus bus 437 (bus ride takes about 15 minutes). At Questura, officers will call your turn by name and have you lined up.

Once inside, you will go through a quick security screening. Upon entering, you will then pickup the folder of documents you dropped off at the Post Office by showing your receipt. When it is finally your turn, officers may do a short interview (having basic Italian knowledge will help you a lot).  Mainly, the officer will go over your personal information, check your documents and take your fingerprints. They will also ask you where you want to pick the Permesso Card up, so be prepared to name a Police Station near your house (or to come back to the Questura building).


The Permesso should be ready in 30-45 days and you can then go pick it up at the Police Station nearest to your home.  Check online with your record number to see if it is ready, or pass by the police station. Always carry your passport and receipt from Post Office with you.

(*) N.B.: for legal reasons, every accommodation and rental contract must be registered at Agenzia delle Entrate (Italian Revenue Agency). Showing a statement of regular accommodation is one of the requirements to have the Permesso di Soggiorno done. Therefore, be sure that your landlord (or rental agency) can provide you a regular registered contract.

Check out how the Permesso di Soggiorno form looks like, and how to fill it in here (only in Italian).

More information is available on the Portale Immigrazione (in Italian).