Telephone Insights for Electronic Musicians by Marzia Bulli – 30-hour module – CFA 6 – request participation fee

Form: 30 hours
CFA: 6
Teacher: Marzia Bulli 
Frequency: Every 2 weeks
Entry Requirements: None
Class size: 6 students
Places available: 6
Limitations: Open to students of academic electronic music courses.


The figure of the Producer in the studio, for some time now, has brought together both creative and exquisitely technical aspects. The electronic musician, therefore, in addition to knowing how to compose and program their virtual instruments, will often find himself performing microphones himself and finalizing the project through a hybrid mix of digital and analogue technology.

The course aims to investigate the notions of sound suited to mastering some microphone recording techniques, setting up and creating a mix using ProTools HD and analog signal processors.


  1. Presentation of the course, technical sheet of the third-party study, overview of the ProTools HD system.
  2. Setting up a project in ProTools HD and routing management suitable for listening and microphone recording through the software and the studio hardware.
  3. The microphone recording: example of close-up shooting of an instrument.
  4. The microphone recording: example of panoramic / stereo / environmental recording of an instrument.
  5. On-line shooting: example of online shooting of an instrument.
  6. Re-amping: example of re-amplification and microphonic recording of an originally line signal.
  7. The rough mix: evaluation of the arrangement, identification of focal points of the structure and instruments of the piece.
  8. Mix In The Box: track editing.
  9. Mix In The Box: the use of dynamics processors.
  10. Mix In The Box: the use of spectrum processors.
  11. Mix In The Box: the use of effect processors.
  12. Mix In The Box: the automations.
  13. Analog machines: adder and analog compressors.
  14. Printing the final mix.
  15. Pre-mastering: examples of finalizing the printed stereo mix. Comparison with work done at home.


  • Bobby Owsinski – the recording engineer’s handbook
  • Bobby Owsinski – the mixing engineer’s handbook
  • Mixerman – Zen and the Art of Mixing

Eligibility issued by the teacher