Synth 1 by Carlo Mezzanotte – 24-hour modules each, CFA 4 at

Form: 24 hours
CFA: 4
Teachers: Carlo Mezzanotte 
Frequency: Every 2 weeks
Entry Requirements: None
Class size: 8 students
Places available: 8
Limitations: Open to students of all academic courses. Open to students as a personalized courses for an additional fee (for information on costs, contact the Educational Secretariat)

General principles of acoustics:

  • Sound, its perception, its graphic representation.
  • Basic programming: modules, block diagrams, simple waveforms, filters and basic filter types, envelopes, low-frequency modulations, controllers. – programming exercises based on the previous elements. Ensembles, solos, application of vibrato, trills, tremolos. Application of dynamic and timbral variations linked to key dynamics, envelopes, keyboard tracking, aftertouch, wheels, pedals and other controllers. – use of multiple oscillators: layering, detuning.






– mention of modulations in audio range. Programming of sounds assigned from time to time and performed either alone or with the assistance of the teacher. Historical part: The evolution of analogical synthesis, the advent of digital, sampling, MIDI, the latest developments (physical models, re-synthesis, etc.), with collective listening.

Practice test