A musician’s activity within the recording studio cannot be ignored in a path for one striving for a prestige, professional, and musical education. The fundamental objective for the Studio Recording course is to train drummers who know how to deal with all the typical problems in the study: limited recording time available, the need for rhythmic accuracy, and the attention of his own sound.

Claudio Mastracci will address many important issues for a recording studio drummer in different musical styles and orchestral formations.

Focus on:

  • Drumset and Cymbal Selection – Drum Heads Selection – Tuning – Miking
  • Short Track and Jingle Recording
  • Popular Track Recording
  • Brazilian Track Recording
  • Afro-Cuban Track Recording
  • Big Band Track Recording
  • Orchestral Track Recording

The module includes 10 meetings of 2 hours ( a total of 20 hours), Saturday from 10 am to 12 pm at the Saint Louis Recording Studio in Via Baccina, 47, every 2 weeks, starting from Saturday, December 1st, 2018.

The course is aimed for students in their third year pre-academic drums, the three-year academic period, and the two-year specialization course; It is a limited number so you must book by November 23rd via email to chiaradamato@slmc.it

Participation fees: free for Saint Louis academic students; € 140 for non-academic students; € 280 for non-students (free enrollment fee for academic year 2018/19).

Credits for academic courses: 3 ECTS