Song-writing “Analytical and formal techniques” by Gianluca Podio – 25-hour module each – CFA 4

Form: 25 hours
CFA: 3
Teachers: Gianluca Podio 
Frequency: Every 2 weeks
Entry Requirements: Good Musical Knowledge
Class size: 12 students
Places available: 10
Limitations: Open to students of all academic courses and the traditional two year program, except students from the popular course for which it is already required in the study plan. Open to students as a personalized course for an additional fee (for information on costs, contact the Educational Secretariat).


First and second year:

  1. Creative and emotional musical writing exercises
  2. Principles of musical and rhythmic reading: theoretical and technical approaches
  3. Analysis of basic and advanced harmonic and melodic techniques in song composition
  4. History and technical-stylistic analysis of the most representative Songwriters in Italy and abroad from its origins to the present day
  5. Techniques of melodic composition on a given harmonic frame (basic and advanced level)
  6. Techniques of re-harmonization of a melody (basic and advanced level)
  7. The musical discourse that is the formal construction of a song
  8. Music and text: emotional connections and expressive solutions in the poetics of the major Italian and foreign Songwriters
  9. The great collaborations of composers and lyricists (Battisti-Mogol, Elton John-B.Taupin, etc.): aspects of their poetry and technical solutions to the problems connected to the relationship between music and text


The purpose of this course is to develop technical and artistic skills that lead to a conscious writing of both text and music.

Although we do not have academic rules for the composition of songs, there are however musical styles and compositional conventions that can be studied, cultivated and analyzed as models for learning to compose one’s own song.

The educational project of Song-writing continuously stimulates each student in order to bring out their artistic personality and their compositional talent, with properties of technical and expressive language typical of the song: a real “soundtrack” of our daily reality.

Eligibility on the part of the teacher