Social History of Adriano Mazzoletti Jazz – 50/60 hour module – CFA 6

Form: 50/60 hours 
CFA: 6
Teacher: Adriano Mazzoletti 
Frequency: Weekly
Entry Requirements: None
Class size: 20 students
Places available: 10
Limitations: O pen free to all students of academic, pre-academic and personalized courses.


  1. Between Africa and Europe in the New World Black voices in white America
  2. The Ragtime era
  3. The days of the Blues.
  4. New Orleans between Fanfare, Marchin ‘Bands and Jazz Bands, The Jazz era is born From Chicago’s South Side to Broadway and Harlem.
  5. The great orchestras begin the era of Swing, Jazz conquers the world, and The Swing Era ends.
  6. Be Bop at Minton’s Playhouse, Chicago Boppers, and Cool Jazz.
  7. From east to west: Jazz in California
  8. The Third Stream: The third current
  9. The legacy of the Bebop.
  10. From Milestones to Kind of Blues, Free Jazz, Electric Jazz, Rock and Acid Jazz.
  11. The new sound of jazz The new homelands of jazz.
  12. Two or more lessons will be dedicated to each topic, listening to and analyzing the most important and significant works created by ensembles, orchestras, arrangers, soloists, singers from the origins to the present, also related to filmed examples.