Saint Louis is a Private Institution, non-funded by any Governmental or Non-Governmental Bodies.

The fee for the students to attend the Academic Courses is equal to € 4.000 per year approximately + € 90 to € 190 of registration fee (depending on the registration moment, early birds fee applies) + € 140 of Lazio Region Student’s Rights fee. These costs are intended per year.

To require a detailed and updated costs scheme, please send an e-mail to: international@slmc.it



International students can apply to obtain 2 different kind of scholarships:



Laziodisco is the Regional Body which grants the Right to Study in our Region, Lazio.

Laziodisco ensures to students of our Region important services such as: Scholarships, Student Lodgings and Students Canteen at very affordable prices.

International students enrolled in Saint Louis Academic Courses have the right to apply for the International Scholarships issued every year by Laziodisu and granted on account of economic status of the applicant and study merit (from the second academic year onwards).

Laziodisco Scholarships range from a minimum of € 1,900 to a maximum of € 5,000 per year. The Call to apply for Scholarships as well as for all other services is usually open from May to July and is made available in English.

For further information: http://www.laziodisco.it/

Laziodisu Scholarships and Services are reserved to Academic students only. They are not available for pre-academic, custom or junior students



Every year Saint Louis awards up to 60 scholarships to allow the most deserving students to have the chance of successfully concluding their music studies at Saint Louis.

Up to 25 scholarships are reserved for international students wishing to enter the Academic Courses, or during their studies in Saint Louis.

Whilst the scholarship is awarded at the beginning of the year, it is actually given to the student at the end of the year, in order to be able to verify the actual study trend and the achieved results. International scholarships can vary between € 500 and € 2.000.

It is possible to benefit from the scholarships for a maximum of 2 consecutive years, after which the student will have to wait one year before having access to a new audition for a scholarship.



The awarding of the scholarships is founded on 2 principles:

  • Talent and development of the potential of the student, (to be verified through an audition)
  • Age: If the skill level of two or more students is considered the same, the youngest student will receive a higher score.




  • Fill in the form below.
  • Attach in the form: an official Economic Patrimony Statement / a web-link containing a video demo or works portfolio relative to the selected Course and Instrument/Specialty of 15/20 minutes duration the most (the video does not need to be of professional quality, but needs to have a clear audio and vision).
  • The Evaluation Board will establish, on the basis of the received tunes, the student’s preparation and its adequacy, as well as the possible scholarship amount.
  • During the months of July and September, before the courses start, the student will have to perform live. Based on the live audition the Evaluation Board will then confirm, reduce or increase the amount of the Scholarship.

It is not possible to obtain both the Saint Louis and the Laziodisu scholarships. Should the student be awarded with both of them, it would be necessary to renounce one.

For further details please contact the International Office: international@slmc.it

Scholarships Application Form
The Undersigned
Academic Year
Total ECTS awarded (only for 2nd and 3rd year applicants):
Please attach the Economic/Patrimonial Documentation - ex. ISEE - (mandatory)

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