Sandro Mambella tecnico del suonoSandro Manbella

He began studying piano at the age of four and attended middle school at the “S.Cecilia” Conservatory in Rome. In 1993 he started studying jazz piano with Fabrizio Pieroni and he attended the Umbria Jazz Clinics (1994). In 1996 he began the composition studies with Teresa Procaccini and continued those of jazz piano with Ramberto Ciammarughi. He graduated in Piano at the “F. Morlacchi “of Perugia, with Maestro Riccardo Marini in 1998 and the following year attends the Jazz Specialization Course at the Roman Academy of Music with Fabrizio Sferra, Maurizio Giammarco, Danilo Rea, Fabio Zeppetella and Giovanni Tommaso.

Then, in 2002, he obtained the Diploma in Jazz Music at the “S.Cecilia” Conservatory of Rome, under the guidance of Maestro Bruno Tommaso. The following year he enrolled in the Experimental Composition Course at the “N. Piccinni “di Bari directed by Maestro Riccardo Santoboni. His artistic experiences begin in ’94 with the participation in the concert for fifty pianos “Primi Piani” held in Piazza del Popolo, in Rome, December 31 under the direction of Bruno Tommaso and, among others, with Danilo Rea, Riccardo Fassi, Stefano Sabatini, Antonello Salis. He also took part in radio and television broadcasts “Stasera a Via Asiago, 10” directed by Umberto Broccoli (Radiorai 2) and “Bianco e Nero” (Rai 2).

In 2001 he formed the “Sandro Mambella Quartet” with which he participated in various musical events including the eighth edition of “Concerti sotto le Stelle” of Pescara and the “XV Concert Rassegna” of Caramanico Terme. His teaching activity began in 1993. Starting in 1998 he started his activity as a music consultant at the Mediaset networks. In the same year, he began teaching Piano at the Roman Academy of Music. Since 2002 he has been a trainee at the “Jazz” Chair of the “S. Cecilia “of Rome. In July / August of the same year, he is assistant and collaborator of Mario Raja at the Siena Jazz seminars for the laboratory orchestra. Meanwhile, the teaching of Piano, Musical Theory and Modern Harmony continues at the Saint Louis College of Music and since 2003.