Founded in Rome in 1976, Saint Louis is among the most renowned music didactic realities in Europe, attended by over 1, 800 students per year. It prides itself of a solid teaching staff made up of 120 tutors, known both on a National and on an International level, chaired by M° Stefano Mastruzzi. It is the first and only Institution of Higher Education in Music Studies in Italy to be recognized by the Ministry for Education, University and Research and enabled to award the equivalent of Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees (1st and 2nd cycle degrees).


The number of courses offered at Saint Louis are among the widest in Europe, with more than 300 different subjects that are organised in: Professional Diploma Courses, Custom Courses, Junior Courses.

Professional Diploma:
Bachelor’s &Master’s Degree

The Professional Diploma awards 1st and 2nd level academic diplomas (Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees) and is known for its excellent standard in music education, attracting students who wish to become professional musicians (Jazz and Popular Music department), sound engineers and/or electronic music composers (Electronic Music and new technlogies department) and modern composers specialised in Film Scoring (Composition department).


  • Undergraduate: Bachelor’s Degree (1st level, three years) in Jazz, Popular Music, Sound Engineering, Electronic Music, Composition and Film Scoring
  • Post-graduate : Master’s Degree (2nd level, two years) in Jazz Composition and Arranging

Custom Courses

Saint Louis offers the students the chance to choose their own courses and teachers, the music combos and the subsidiary subjects such as theory, harmony, arrangement, ear training and much more. The students of the Custom Courses don’t have to necessarily attend all the courses of the Diploma Course, but have the chance to experience the professionalism and the depth of the study programs offered by Saint Louis. The Custom Courses are thought for advanced musicians who wish to specialize with a specific teacher in a specif area of interest, for beginners who wish to approach the study of an instrument, and for kids and teens who will have the chance to attend courses that follow specific methodologies adapted to their age groups..

Junior Courses

Specific Courses and methodologies for: 6 to 9 years old children – 10 to 12 years old kids – 13 to 18 years old teens, pre-accademic professional courses that prepare for the admission to the 1st cycle courses

International Cooperation

From 2012 Saint Louis College of Music is an active member of AEC (Association Européenne des Conservatoires) and regularly collaborates in international cooperation projects with Institutions from all over Europe.
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Saint Louis has 4 locations in the heart of Rome, two steps from the Colosseum, with 50 mutlifunctional music rooms, 5 recording studios for classes and for recording productions, an artistic agency (Saint Louis Management), three recording labels (, and, an artistic production centre to support and produce the best talents, a free-press magazine (Music In), a publishing series (Saint Louis DOC) and a research centre for jazz (