Saint Louis offers its off-site students the opportunity to make free use of the services of a real estate agency for finding accommodation in Rome.

From the visit of the available apartments up to the signing of the lease contract, the students will be followed by qualified personnel who will help them find the most suitable housing solution for their needs, at no additional cost.

The Accommodation Service is managed by the agency “Immuni Srl” which researches and selects suitable housing solutions for the Saint Louis students on the private market.

The Accommodation Service is managed by the Immuni Srl agency that researches and selects suitable housing solutions, on the private property leasing market, to be allocated to Saint Louis students who need to rent a property or part of it in Rome.
Private accommodation is available, previously viewed and selected, which can be rented on transparent conditions and with the signing of a regular rental contract.
All housing proposals are available on the website, in the special bulletin boards inside the school and on the facebook page: Saint Louis Accommodation Service

The student is assured assistance by the accommodation service, from the phase of choosing the property to the definition of the lease, as well as support during the entire period of the lease.

How Does It Work

The service is free for Saint Louis students.

You can consult the published offers by clicking on Available accommodation / accommodation
The list of available housing can also be consulted on the school notice boards and on facebook at the following address: Saint Louis Accommodation Service.

Choose the accommodation you like
You can choose, among the solutions on the list, those of your interest and visit them by arranging an appointment with the staff of the Accommodation Service.

Visit the accommodation and sign the contract
You will always be accompanied by the staff in the visit of the apartment and also assisted in the signing of the lease with the owner.

Cell +39 377 4233825 Cell +39 389 9246615
Facebook: Saint Louis Accommodation Service

For Owners

How to lease a property

The owners of a property interested in offering all or part of the apartment to the Saint Louis students can send an e-mail to indicating:

phone numbers;
the precise location of the apartment;
the composition and characteristics of the apartment (number of rooms and bathrooms, balconies, kitchen – if it is habitable or not – and any additional services);
the monthly rent required;
the period of availability of the property;
other useful information.
Following receipt of the email, they will be contacted by the staff of the Accommodation Service to present the service and make an appointment to visit the property.

The owners, in the case of conclusion of the contract, will be required to pay a commission to the real estate company equal to 10% of the annual fee + VAT for contracts equal to or greater than one year.

In the case of rentals with a duration of less than one year, the commission will be proportionate to the number of months.

All the properties will be available on the website, in the appropriate school bulletin boards and on Facebook.