Saint Louis High Gain Nights is a live performance by Saint Louis groups! Directed by Federica Zammarchi, Franco Ventura and Marco Biniero.

On stage :
“Cruising” by Franco Ventura
Lorenzo Caiola – Guitar
Luigi Andrea Meola – Guitar
Luca Tomassetti – Guitar
Walter Graziotti – Bass
Fabio Del Pizzo – Drums

I Left The Pedals In The Car feat. Federica Zammarchi
Tania Giommoni – Voice
Emanuela Sweater – Voice
Federico Proietti – Guitar
Riccardo Angelucci – Guitar
Flavio Vegliante – Bass
Valerio Giovanardi – Drums

“Friday Morning” by Marco Biniero
Alessio Found – Voice
Agnese Mommo – Voice
Federica Paoles – Guitar
Alessio Luvarà – Guitar
Alessio Nardone – Piano
Christian Di Meglio – Bass
Federico Balestra – Drums

“Beer and Cookies” by Federica Zammarchi
Ebil Sandu – Voice
Sara Gullì – Piano and Voice
Emanuele Caponera – Guitar
Paolo Liber – Guitar
Christian Serretiello – Bass
Lorenzo Remigi – Drums


Thursday April 4th, 2019

Time: 9:30 pm – 11:59 pm


Wishlist Club

via dei volsci, 126 / b – Rome

Free entry


Livia | Saint Louis Music Center