“The only menacing crisis is the tragedy of not being willing to overcome it” (Albert Einstein)
Saint Louis activated over 1.400 video lessons per week!

In force of latest government regulations, in presence classes are suspended and Saint Louis moved online!


Most of the classes can be followed in videoconference; but some subjects, such as orchestras, music ensemble, choirs and others, which are not suitable to video conferencing and will therefore be canceled or later recovered.

We will use two platforms:

1) a dedicated platform called Zoom which is suitable for collective classes of 10 students or more. For each activated online class you will receive an invitation email with the link. This link will also be clickable on your reserved area in the list of subjects attended. For Zoom classes, The link will always be the same for the whole academic year.

2) Skype, for individual lessons or small groups, for each activated online lesson you will receive an invitation email with the link. This link are generated by the teacher at the time of the beginning of the lesson. So it changes every week.

The on-line lessons will be held in the exact same times foreseen by the regular schedule.

By connecting to your reserved area, next to each subject attended you will find an indication if the lesson will be held online via Skype or via zoom or if the lesson will be canceled and recovered later. Each class has got his own staff responsible, you will find his name in your reserved area, in the scheduled class view.

All classroom reservations and rehearsal rooms are suspended.