Saint Louis College of Music launches the VIII edition of the European Jazz Contest (EJC), dedicated to young jazz players (instrumental groups or groups with vocalist) coming from all over Europe, proposing original project.

The goal of the initiative is the promotion of the original music of young musicians, using jazz as a context of research and comparison for the new avant-gardes.

Over the years hundreds of groups decided to take part in the competition, and to discover the sounds and the background of their peers, coming from other nations.

The 2017 edition is aimed to the BAND category (both instrumental or with vocalists).

As an award, the winner will get their EP recorded live during the final concert, which will be published through the Saint Louis Jazz Collection label and distributed over the world’s most popular digital streaming platforms. The winner will also have the chance to perform in 6 live shows, organized by Saint Louis, in Italy and other partner European countries: Rome, Milan, Maastricht, Gent, Leipzig and Antwerp.

Participation is open to all kinds of jazz-style projects, without limits – from traditional to avant-garde and experimental, in any language or dialect.

Nevertheless the project must contain one or more of the following features:

  • 1) Original compositions
  • 2) Original traditional music arrangements from the band’s country of origin

Enrolment is free of charge and must be done by the 8th of September

Official website: