Rhythmic analysis 1,2, and 3 from various teachers-30 hour module-CFA 4:

Form: 30 hours
CFA: 4
Teachers :: Claudio Mastracci, Gianni Di Renzo, Davide Piscopo, and Daniele Chiantese
Frequency: 2 times a week 
Entry Requirements: Pre-Academic rhythmic analysis
Class size: 15 students
Places available: 2
Limitations: O pen to students in the academic course of Sound engineering, Electronic music, and / or Composition. Audition is required.


  • Study of pulsation and subdivisions in compound times, odd times
  • Study and application of odd groups, subdivisions based on groups of three, five, seven, nine, eleven notes per time
  • Study and application of poly-rhythms, plimeters, metric modulations
  • Advanced study and application of cut time


  • Odd Time Reading Text (by Bellson-Breines)
  • Polyrhthms (by P. Magadini)
  • Rhythm Brought to Life (by Ed Tippen)

Written and Verbal Exam