Starting from May 2nd 2020 it is possible to enroll to the new academic year 2020/2021.

Registering during the month of May, gives the chance to both old and new Saint Louis students to benefit of the following facilitations:


    • facilitated registration fee
      € 150 for ordinary courses (pre-academic, academic and custom courses); € 130 for long-distance courses and fortnightly custom courses; € 90 for custom Junior courses (for students from 6 to 12 years old);
    • blocked yearly tuition fees
      € 150 for ordinary courses (pre-academic, academic and custom courses); € 130 for long-distance courses and fortnightly custom courses; € 90 for custom Junior courses (for students from 6 to 12 years old);
    • priority in the choice of the one-to-one teacher
      for vocal and instrument classes for all types of course: pre-academic, academic and personalized;
    • priority in the choice of the time slot
      possibility to choose between morning band (9:00 – 15:00) or afternoon (14:00 – 21:00) for the pre-academic and academic courses; range of at least 3 hours of preference for personalized courses;
    • greater possibility to customize the classes schedule
      proceeding with transfers and class changes before students who have not pre-enrolled by May 31, autonomously through the reserved area, as early as May, thus allowing you to program your schedule of lessons in advance.
All Saint Louis facilities are equipped with supports to combat viral spreads, such as masks, disinfectant products, plexiglass spacers as well as daily sanitization of rooms and air according to ISS COVID-19 Report no. 5/2020 – Interim indications for the prevention and management of indoor environments in relation to the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 virus infection. March 23, 2020 release.
Blended online and on campus learning
Among the new opportunities for the next academic year, the possibility of following one or more subjects by videoconference at one’s own choice, without the need to go to the Rome facilities, a method that has already been widely tested successfully in recent months. While all the ensemble music practice at the venue is expanded, with over 120 resident ensembles and orchestras, artistic projects to be conceived as a team in the Saint Louis studios, full-immersion weeks of song-writing, jam-sessions with renowned jazz musicians and everything that comes from meetings, exchanges, artistic partnerships, collective creativity. Building on this experience gained over the years, during the lockdown the teaching at Saint Louis never stopped and it went on inherently online, allowing students to complete the academic year, both in the amount of lessons and in the skills to be acquired, without to lose daily contact with their teachers and fellow students.

Lab on the web!

The ensemble music workshops also continue online. Videoconferencing teachers and students were immediately able to experiment with new ways to play together, combining creativity with technology and thus developing skills in the field of home recording, an increasingly essential aspect for a professional musician. The best students of the sound engineering department take care of the final mixing.

Next Steps:

The pre-enrollment procedure is different for new students and for students already enrolled in Saint Louis:

New students

If you are enrolling in Saint Louis for the first time 

First of all, consult the COURSES SECTION on the website to understand what type of course you intend to attend: Pre-academic (Foundation Courses), Academic (Bachelor or Master level) or Custom.

– Fill out the form relating to the type of course chosen, by clicking on one of the following links

Academic Courses Admission

Pre-academic Courses Registration

Custom Registration

Within 48 hours of submitting the form, you will receive by email the information and instructions for completing the online registration which will be effective upon payment of the registration fee (by bank transfer)

Registered Students

If you are already enrolled in Saint Louis as a student 

To continue in Pre-Academic (Foundation Courses), 1st and 2nd Cycle Academic courses (Bachelor and Master level Courses), Custom Courses please fill in the following web-form:

Registration renewal

Webform for students who attended the pre-academic courses who want to access Academic courses (Bachelor level) and for students who attended 1st cycle academic courses (Bachelor level) who want to access 2nd cycle Academic courses (Master level):

Academic Courses Admission

Within 48 hours, you will receive on your email the instructions for completing the registration