Pre-Academic, 13 to 17 years

The Pre-academic High-school course was created to offer the possibility to students that are still in High School to be able to follow professional courses at Saint Louis e and to be able to access directly to the academic diploma courses of modern music.

The goal of this course is to help the students gain high knowledge of music and theoretical and practical ablity on an instrument, in order to be admitted to the I level academic diploma ( the equivalent of a Bachelors’ Degree)

General description

The students will also have their first experience of a music ensables with other students their age and with a teacher, both in a rehearsal room and on stage through the many live concerts offered by Saint Louis.

Therefor the studies contained in this  cours are the same of the pre-academic course at Saint Louis.  Nevertheless, instead of having a pre-established  three years, the students will be able to follow a personalized course, that will be followed by a tutor that will tell the students each year what courses they have to follow (taking into account the availability of the time table of each student) .

The aim is to help the student by the end of High School to get to a level where they can enter directly to the Bachelor’s Degree.  The pre-academic high school course requires a 2 times per week attendance for a total of 4/5 hours ( for the highest levels  there might be a third day a week).

Study plan

Repertoire and technique individual classes of instrument or singing, basic knowledge of technique and repertoire needed to reach the level required to access the three-year academic degree Theory, Harmony and complementary Piano study of harmony applied to piano through a specific methodology.

It is articulated in two different classes, one for explanation, writing and to verify the schores and one regarding the implementation of harmony on the piano Solfeggio & Ear Training, identification and intonation of intarvals, chords and e melodies, practical exercises of choir singing and singing while reading (medium level).

Music enamble labs, one year lab with a teacher that follows each band until the mid and the end of the year concert. Other labs created specifically for the instrument chosen (Drum Lab, Bass Lab, Piano classico, Piano Lab, Guitar Lab)

The teachers

The students will be followed during their instrument or singing courses by qualified teachers, that have a diploma from Saint Louis and are specialized in music didactics for young students. For all the remaining subjects, the students will be inserted in the regular pre-academic courses.


At the end of the course the students can choose to continue their studies within  Saint Louis, being able to enter Saint Louis Bachelor’s Degree