1st Cycle Academic Diploma (Bachelor/Undergraduate Level)
Authorized by MIUR, the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research



General Information

  • Academic Course (Bachelor / Undergraduate level) in Popular Music Performance
  • combos, professional groups, bands and orchestra ensembles with students and renowned musicians/teachers, created to perform in the best live clubs and festivals in Rome
  • final project and release of a CD of original music for the Saint Louis Labels
  • diploma concert in a club or festival in Rome to present and celebrate the release of the CD of the student through a live concert


Innovative didactics

The 1st cycle Academic Diploma represents the top level in contemporary music education for both the study of an instrument and of singing. During the Course the students develop the characteristics of their  personal style at the best, through advanced techniques, creativity, rhythmic sense, improvisation, “comping” and stylistic soloing. The study of contemporary harmony and popular music arranging with the use of modern techniques will be achieved, both in the pre-production computer based phase, with sequencing and virtual instruments, and in the elaboration of scores for recording sessions with “real” musicians. The student also gets to know in details the main music softwares used by musicians and producers of the contemporary industry.


Qualification Validity

The 1st cycle academic diploma issued by Saint Louis is equally valid both in Italy and in Europe, as all qualifications issued by Italian and European Conservatories.
The Course is of EQF level 6 and enhances the student, upon termination, to access Master Level Courses (EQF 7) both in Italy and abroad. To better understand the EQF – European Qualification Framework – for the Italian Higher Education System please visit the website Quadro dei Titoli Italiani.
The Course is ECTS based. Every year is worth 60 ECTS credits, for a total of 180 ECTS credits. To better understand the ECTS – European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System – please visit the dedicated page on the European Commission website.


Activated 1st cycle Instrument/Vocal Courses

The activated courses for the Popular Music Performance Department: Electric Bass, Drums, Guitar, Vocals, Piano.



The study-plan articulates in:

  • top-level technique and repertoire studies for the instrument or for vocals, from the level reached at the end of the pre-academic courses (or from the level demonstrated during the Admission tests) up to excellence levels.
  • advanced modern and modal harmony and arrangement studies.
  • pop arrangement studies
  • ear training advanced classes, focusing on solos transcription and complex scores.
  • professional combos (music ensemble classes), 1 per year, made up by students and one tutoring renowned musician, created to work on a top level repertoire. These bands will perform with the teachers in clubs and festivals in Rome. A unique experience to work with a well-known musicians, to create a personal artistic curriculum, and to start to gain visibility in the working world
  • rhythmic section advanced classes, thorough studies of rhythmic patterns and complex structures.
  • three years of rock-blues stylistic contemporary improvisation
  • Popular Music History, with guided listening meant to broaden the skill in recognizing styles, authors and historic periods, though the simple listening of a tune.
  • chance to personalize one’s own study-plan (6 available credits per year), by choosing among the available special courses, such as song-writing, music management, musical, recording studio practice, orchestra, training, etc.
  • labXchange initiative, in which the student becomes a combo educator for early years students, an approach to learning under guidance and supervision of an ordinary educator, a fundamental step to acquire practice and experience in a fundamental context for the professional musician.
  • English language study, both technical and colloquial one.

To see the detailed Study-plans and the complete Curricula of each Instrument or for the Vocal section please visit the dedicated page Popular Music Study Plan


Final recording project

During the last year the student will be guided by an artistic producer during the planning, writing, arranging and recording phases of an original tracks CD, which will be released with the Saint Louis labels. The first recording work, a very important business card for the artistic career.


Diploma concert

Live presentation of the realized recording project will be held either in a club or festival in Rome with the presence of an audience and of journalists invited over by Saint Louis press agent.


Breakthroughs and opportunities

At the end of the three-year course, the graduated student will have the necessary skills and experience for his/her own artistic career.
He/she will be ready to practice the acquired profession or will have the chance to choose to continue his/her studies, attending the further two-year specialization course in either Popular Music Performance or Popular Music Songwriting, no longer focusing on a single instrument, but on the acquisition of top-level competences in original composition, writing, arranging and orchestrating for small or large groups.
Popular Music graduated Students willing to continue in specialization Courses of other Departments (ex. Jazz Composition, Applied Music, Electronic Music, etc.) will have to sit an Admission Test.