First Cycle Academic Diploma

Authorized by the Ministry of Education, University and Research



An Academic Course of Popular music (compositional specialization), a formative and productive path for the modern song-writer

  • Stylistic  songwriting, to write “in the style of …”, an essential characteristic for the craft of an author
  • Creative song-writing, to write songs in one’s own personal style
  • Recording production, publication of Cd, Ep and single compositions
  • Live performance, with compositions in formations from the trio to the great orchestra


950 HOURS – Songwriting lessons, instrumental/singing, creative workshops, production and arrangement
50 HOURS – Rehearsals and live performances with their own pieces from the trio to the great orchestra
30 HOURS – Recording studio to produce their own compositions
10 STUDENTS – Selected by hearing, per year

Production and Distribution

Arrangement and orchestration, both virtual and real with bands and orchestras, aimed at  discographic production  in  a year with the publication of their best songs on digital platforms.
A modern study of electronic keyboards. 

Deepening of an instrument chosen from bass, drums, guitar, song, piano.
Workshop of ensemble music to experiment and live their original compositions in Clubs and Festivals of the capital.

Songwriting workshop



  • Artist is the songwriter and interpreter of his own compositions
  • Author of lyrics and music for performers
  • Arranger in own and third parties
  • Author of music to support  advertising, commercials, trailers, acronyms
  • Author of texts and / or music for  theater, prose, musicals