Officially acknowledged by the Italian Ministry of Education 


An educational working path of great stylistic specialization on one’s instrument or vocals. Students will participate in several orchestral ensembles which they will perform in numerous professional contexts such as festivals and theaters.

Once the training is complete, the student will be able to integrate into the working world. Each student will be followed step by step in the production of their original artistic projects, from writing, arranging, rehearsing, recording, mixing, and finally, publishing.

Closed number: Maximum of 20 students are selected from all departments every year.

The II cycle Popular music courses are built around each student, for the development of their artistic personality, aimed at both artistic and discographic productions.

MAIN ISTRUMENT – Each specializing student will have 34 hours of individual lessons and will be able to choose whether to attend them with one or two teachers each year, for stylistic improvement.

PRODUCTION – each student will have access to the recording studio to produce his/her own artistic project, in collaboration with postgraduate students of sound engineering and electronic music courses.

IMPROVISATION – deepening of contemporary styles and languages, even experimental, not strictly tied to tradition and under guidance of International artists and guests

COMPOSITION – creative laboratory aimed at the composition, elaboration, arrangement and production of the student’s own original recording project

ENSEMBLE – There are two types of ensemble: a permanent one that rehearses throughout the year and holds concerts in the clubs of Rome with the teacher as part of the band, and a larger ensemble that concentrates the rehearsals in one or two full-immersion weeks for concerts in theaters and record productions. During the academic year 2018-19, Master students performed with Beppe Vessicchio, Tollak, Aaron Parks, Gegé Telesforo, Serena Brancale, Charles Burchell.


Bass – with the Educators Gianfranco Gullotto, Marco Siniscalco, Andrea Rosatelli
Drums – with the Educators Daniele Pomo, Daniele Chiantese, Davide Piscopo, Cristiano Micalizzi
Vocals – with the Educators Maria Grazia Fontana, Serena Brancale, Pierluca Buonfrate, Marco D’angelo, Antonella De Grossi
Guitar – with the Educators Lello Panico, Marco Manusso, Nico Stufano, Giacomo Anselmi, William Stravato, Antonio Affrunti
Piano & Keyboards – with the Educators Alessandro Gwis, Pierpaolo Principato, Dario Zeno, Stefano Sabatini, Michele Papadia
Song-writing (see specific section)