Pop Choir by Diego Caravano – CFA 4

Form: 60 hours
CFA: 4
Teachers: Diego Caravano 
Frequency: Weekly
Entry Requirements: Audition that includes a timbre and intonation evaluation and a sight reading test (Cold read meaning a piece not seen prior to the exam)
Class size: 30 students
Places available: 10
Limitations: Free to all students in all academic courses (excluding students of Canto Popular since it is already required in the study plan), pre-academic, traditional two-year, and personalized, on audition.


  1. The study will be based on an order of increasing difficulty of execution. Development of choral sound through breathing exercises and collective vocalizations.
  2. Reading at first sight of: Pozzoli – Sung solfeggio with 2 voices
  3. JS Bach Choral-Gesänge
  4. Solfeggio Original Progressive; Original Progressive Solfeggio with 3-4 voices
  5. Orchestration / performance of traditional songs and original arrangements:


  1. Here There and Everywhere – Beatles (arrangement by Diego Caravano)
  2. Ebony & Ivory – S.Wonder P. McCartney (arr. D. Carvano)
  3. Invisible Sun – Police (arr. D. Caravano)
  4. Women – Zucchero (arr. D. Caravano)
  5. I could not rest – Sardinian song by Salvatore Sini
  6. A good girl – Luigi Tenco (arr. D. Caravano)
  7. Like someone in love- Heusen / Burke (arr. D. Caravano)


  1. Endless – Gino Paoli (arr. D. Caravano)
  2. Joska the red – Bepi de Marzi
  3. Waterloo / Mamma mia – Abba (arr. D. Caravano)
  4. Kiss from a rose – Seal (arr. D. Caravano)
  5. Quiet Place – Take 6 (arr. D. Caravano)
  6. Faust Arp – Radiohead (arr. D. Caravano)
  7. Streetlife – Crusaders (arr. D. Caravano)

Development of choral sound through breathing exercises and collective vocalizations.

Reading at first sight of: Pozzoli – Solfeggi Cantati with 2 voices

JS Bach Choral-Gesänge

Original Progressive Solfeggio for 3-4 voices


None except maybe those given by the teacher

Eligibility on the part of the teacher