Pierpaolo Principato

Eclectic musician who always ranged between acoustic and electric jazz, world music and pop playing in the most prestigious Jazz Festivals and national clubs both national and International, as well as in several jazz, world and pop tours.

In 1988 he started his now 30 years long collaboration with the guitarist and composer Francesco Bruno, with whom he recorded 7 CDs, and with the drummer Agostino Marangolo, with whom he recorded 2 CDs.

He played in several Italian and international tours with popular music artists such as Richie Havens, and with jazz artists such as the bass player Richard Bona of the Zawinul Syndicate, Steps Ahead, Pat Metheny Group.

In 2012 he started his beautiful collaboration with the Norwegian singer Nina Jori Pedersen, recording 2 CDs.

He worked in many shows and tournées for the theatre, also taking part in tv shows.

Alongside the artistic activity, Pierpaolo is an active educator, teaching in prestigious institutions such as Saint Louis of Rome, where he is the Head of Didactics both for the Jazz and Popular music department, the Head of Jazz Piano, Pop Piano and Jazz Harmony. Form 2011 to 2016 he was a pop piano teacher in the Conservatorium of Frosinone.

He took part in many Italian and European “Jazz Contests”.