Pierluca BuonfratePierluca Buonfrate – Head of Vocals


Born in Rome on August 5th 1965

Studies includes:
Pop singing techniques with Cinzia Baldana in the CIAC Music school in Rome and Jazz with Fabrizia Barresi
Opera with Carlo di Giacomo
Music theory courses in the CIAC school
Piano with Pierpaolo Principality
Latin percussion with Luca Scorziello and Sergio Fourth

He has attended several workshops with artists such as Mark Murphy, Bob Stoloff, Carl Anderson, Jo Estill, Miles Griffith, Dean Bowman, and Nnenna Freelon

From 1994, he has been teaching vocal techniques, jazz singing, and improvisation in music schools in Rome (Ciac, Neuma, and Ials) and from 1996 onwards, he has been working in the Vocals department at the Saint Louis College of music where he is currently the chairman of the Vocal Jazz Department.

Artistic experiences:
In 2001, he was the finalist of the prestigious “Massimo Urbani Award” jazz award.
From 2000 to 2005 and then again in 2015, he was the vocalist and co-singer in the famous showman Renzo Arbore’s Swing Maniacs Orchestra, performing TV shows, tours, and recording Two C.D.s
From 1999 to 2010, he was the vocalist and lead singer in many TV shows
From 2005 to 2010, he was the vocalist and co-singer in Gabriele Comeglio’s big band for a theater show with and by actor and singer Massimo Lopez, based on Frank Sinatra’s career, touring Italy, Switzerland, and the USA
As a jazz singer who has lead many jazz bands, he recorded two C.D.s and worked with many musicians in clubs and jazz festivals, inside Rome and in Italy, performing both traditional and mainstream jazz.
In 2014, he performed with Lino Patruno’s jazz band in New Orleans, singing Louis Prima repertoire.
With the vocal Italian swing band Mameli Voices, he took part in many shows and jazz festivals and recorded a CD with them as well.
He worked in several projects such as Neapolitan Classic and pop songs,
He steadily collaborates with recording studios for advertisements, soundtracks, cartoons, and animated movies.
He also plays percussion in some bands, doing concerts all over Italy and Russia.