Saint Louis offers the chance of personalizing one’s own study-plan by letting the student chose the educator for vocal or instrument courses, integrate with Music Ensemble Classes (Combos), and sit in on subsidiary subjects such as theory, harmony, arrangement, ear training, rhythmic session, song-writing, choir and much more, without necessarily attending the entire diploma path. Thus letting the student exploit Saint Louis’ professionalism and didactic wholeness.

Target Students

Custom courses are specially targeted for:

    • Medium and advanced level musicians looking for specialization and perfecting with a specific educator
    • Beginners wishing to start the study of an instrument
    • Kids and adolescents with specific methodologies suited to all ages (see JUNIOR COURSES)
    • Adult passionate musicians having to concile music with own professional commitments
    • Anyone who is willing to attend music ensembles and participate in Saint Louis live activities
    • Those working or living outside Rome, preferring a fortnightly attendance (long-distance)

All custom students can choose:

  • The educator
  • Day and daytime for the lesson
  • Type of attendance (weekly or fortnightly)
  • Length of the lesson, from 30 minutes (advised for kids within 11 years old only) to 50 minutes (advised for weekly lessons), 60 or 90 minutes (advised for fortnightly lessons)
  • Other subsidiary subjects to be added to one’s own study-plan

Traditional Modality

In this course type, the vocal/instrument class is individual with one educator chosen by the student. This type is advised both for beginners and advanced students wishing to specialize with a specific educator.


Pro Modality (intensive)

In this type, thought for good level musicians only, the instrument/vocal classes are sided by a lab dedicated to repertoire and to specific stylistic in-depth analysis carried out in small groups.

In this way each student, in addition to his/her own educator for vocals/instrument, will have the chance to get to know in this specific theme labs including, but not limited to drums, bass, guitar, piano labs and all the other Saint Louis educators, each one carrying a professional artistic baggage. In the SECTIONS, you will find the complete educators list with the relative stylistic orientation in order to find the most appropriate choice.

Of course, you can entrust Saint Louis’ Direction with the choice of the most appropriate educator on the basis of the stylistic preferences pointed out by the student. Pre-registrations open every year on May 2nd for those courses which will start on the subsequent October.

Educators and class time will be associated to the student on the basis of the registration priority. In the case of depletion of available places with the chosen educator, the student will be placed in a waiting list or entrusted to another educator of the same stylistic orientation.



Free attendance, included in the registration fee


  • Two-year Course in Theory and Solfeggio. In two years, the course copes with all the subjects corresponding to the yearly courses of preparatory Theory and Solfeggio. Therefore at the end of the two years, the student can apply for the subsequent supplementary subjects (Harmony 1 and Ear Training 1) for a specially reduced fee or can sit the admission test to the Diploma Course. The course is structured in 2 hours fortnightly classes, from January to June.
  • Ensemble Music Classes (Combos) directed by 4th and 5th year students under periodic supervision of the Direction or delegate. Custom students will be able to attend them for free. Contents will be agreed upon and periodically supervisioned by an ordinary educator. The admission to the combos is under audition and carried out on the basis of available place.
  • Gospel Choir, Jazz Choir, Pop Choir (under audition)
  • Saint Louis Big Band, Saint Louis Combo and Marching Band (under audition)
  • Jazz History, Rock History, Classical Music History and Listening, and Electronic Music Listening
  • Custom students can take part and perform in the half year and end of the year concerts and in the context of the initiative Lab on the Road after agreement with the educator and the didactic secretary’s
  • Free Rehearsal/Recording Studio – 2 hours the most per day for a maximum of 6 weekly hours – see the rules
  • Discounts and special fares with shops, cafeterias, clubs, auditorium – see updated list in the students’ board