Paolo GuacceroPaolo Guaccero

Paolo Guaccero, graduated in literature, studied singing with Caio Bascerano and Patrizia Rotonda and classical guitar with Carlo Ciasca. After studying rhythmic guitar in Brazil, from1991 to 2003, he has joined various brazilian bands as a guitarist, playing in many clubs and events in Italy and abroad.

Always interested in electronic music and intruments, he has been dealing with Computer Music for years (producing sound designs for exhibits antheatre shows). After studying HD Recording and Sound Design with Luca Spagnoletti he obtained the Midi and Sound Engineering diploma at Saint Louis College of Music.

Guaccero has been working as a sound engineer in various clubs in Rome and summer roman festivals.Since 2005 he has been collaborated as a sound technician with the VD MUSIC Recording Studio (with which he recorded for RAI TRADE and RADIO TRADE) and with CRM (Musical Research Center). In 2006 he has participated as a backliner, assistant and stage sound engineer in Federico Salvatore summer tour and for the All-Nighter in Rome.