Every year Saint Louis produces and sustains several orchestral ensembles and large free ensembles for Saint Louis students. The orchestras are promoted in the national and the European Conservatory for the  IJR  project.






“RIOMA” BRAZILIAN CHOIR directed by Claudia Marrs

A choir that is dedicated to polyphonic and polyrhythmic Brazilian music; voices are used both for harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic accompaniment, in other words,  polyrhythmic.



“RESONANT” ACAPELLA CHOIR directed by Diego Caravano

The choir repertoire, directed by Diego Caravano, is based on harmonized singing and the rhythmic-percussive use of voices, which includes pieces taken from Italian and international light music with incursions into Italian folk.


SONGWRITING CHOIR directed by Maria Grazia Fontana

The vocal ensemble’s repertoire dedicates to classical pieces of Italian songwriting, which are interpreted into an original, fresh, and captivating look thanks to the arrangements by the choir director, Maria Grazia Fontana.


FANTASY VOICES directed by Milena Nigro

The multi-story choir’s repertoire ranges from Disney soundtracks to great classics of popular music, jazz, and Brazilian music originally created arrangements specifically by the staff.


bambini del saint louisKIDS CHOIR directed by Chiara Viola and Sonia Russino – in collaboration with Maria Grazia Fontana

A choir dedicated to children aged 6 to 12 years. The project aims to bring children closer to music, with the aim of using it as a resource that goes beyond itself.

roberto gatto photo posingTHE ROBERTO GATTO ENSEMBLE  directed by Roberto Gatto

This ensemble, directed by Roberto Gatto, is performed by 8 instruments: piano, trumpet, trombone, alto sax, tenor sax, bass, and/or double bass accompanied by Roberto Gatto who is on drums.

massei plays the saxSUPERSAX directed by Mauro Masse

The “Supersax” ensemble, a name deriving from the famous US formation from the 70s, the first with this organ– a small, complete orchestra is composed of five to six more rhythmic saxophones with piano, guitar, bass, and drums.