A day at Saint Louis to get to know the courses at Saint Louis. Saint Louis College of Music is the first private institute in Italy, authorized by Ministry for Education to issue certified I and II level (Bachelor’s and master’s degree) diplomas in Jazz and Popular Music, Electronic Music, Sound Engineering, Composition and Fim Scoring, Jazz Arrangement and Composition.
On Saturday the 5th of May it will be possible to participate in workshops, labs,  individual instrument meetings, presentations of electronic music sound engineering courses for free! There will be teachers available for guidance and information and students and graduate ex-students will guide the participants in the Open Day to the discover the school and the amazing possibilities it offers.
This way the guests will live an entire day as a Saint Louis student.
Workshop and seminars will be held by many teachers of the school, amongst which: Serena Brancale, Antonio Solimene, Pierpaolo Principato, Rosario Giuliani, Gianluca Podio and many others. The activities will take place between 10 am and 4 pm.
To book please send an email to Maeve Rodgers: marzia@slmc.it , specifying the course that you are interested in.