Thursday 11 June, Open Day at Saint Louis College of Music, Web Meeting version, dedicated to the
Department of Composition and Film Scoring.

An online day to get to know the academic courses of Saint Louis, the first private institution in Italy authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education to release 1st and 2nd cycle academic titles in Composition and Film Scoring.

The didactic path in Composition and Film Scoring is aimed at the training of the contemporary composer, who competently moves in the various fields of application of music, cinema and television, advertising, video games, theater, artistic installations, through a full mastery of classical, contemporary and modal harmony, of counterpoint techniques up to orchestration with real and virtual instruments.
The personalization of each path draws inspiration from techniques and knowledge of transversal areas, such as classical music, popular music, jazz and electronics, in a current and professionalizing vision.

During the Open Day it will be possible to participate, free of charge, in workshops and demonstration lessons in videoconference, meeting online with the Coordinator of the Department, M ° Gianluca Podio and the teachers of the courses, who will be available for orientation activities and it will be possible, without the need to go at the venue, to request from the Saint Louis staff all information relating to the educational offer of Saint Louis, the most important Italian educational institution with a high artistic and musical training, with excellent students from all over Europe.

The day opens at 11:00 with an Orientation meeting by the Coordinator of the Department of Composition and Film Music, M° Gianluca Podio who will illustrate the training path, with a focus on the study plan, educational programs and professional outlets.

To follow, free workshops organized by the teachers of Saint Louis starting from 13:30 and until 16:40.

Open Day Calendar – Composition – Online Edition
June 11, 2020

h 11:00 – 13:00 Webinar with M° Gianluca Podio and the Secretary’s responsible for the course of Composition and Film Music, Pilar Cicognani

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Workshop in Web Meeting:

h 13:30-14:10 Harmonic functions and music dialogue, by Gilberto Bartoloni
Meeting Link:


h 14:20-15:00 Music analysis as orientation to music composition by Mario Gagliani
Meeting Link:

h 15:10-15:50 Orchestra Composition in relation to the concertation experience: the relationship with the Orchestra Conductor
by Adriano Melchiorre
Meeting Link:

h 16:00-16:40 Film Scoring music guided listenings by Manuel Junior Basurto
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