The International Writers Camp, an international contest that rewards creativity, will open on November 5th.
For 2018 the “Saint Louis team” that will participate in the IWC of Haarlem is captained by Serena Brancale.
The student winners of the Internal Selection Announcement that will represent Saint Louis at the event are:

Daniele Ricca – Electronic music composer
Francesco Passi – Producer
Bianca Maria Scoccia – Singer and Songwriter
Marco Murrone – Pianist, singer, and songwriter

The International Writers Camp (IWC) is an annual event organized by the Conservatorium Haarlem to introduce students of Pop and E-music in the real world of the music industry, helping them to expand their horizons and their skills, allowing them to work with creative minds from other musical genres, other professions, and other countries. The IWC is powered by real commercial assignments entrusted by distinguished representatives of the music industry, including BMG / Talpa, Armanda Music & Strengholt Music. It’s an incredible learning experience for all of the participants, and it’s a fantastic way to enjoy an international experience that creates new contacts in just a few days.
The 2018 edition students from all over the world will take part:
Baron School of Music (Hong Kong), Berklee College of Music (USA), COPA Campus Of Performing Arts (Kaapstad), Conservatorium Gent (Belgium), ESMUC Barcelona (Spain) , Hochschule der Populairen Kunste (Germany), ICOM International College of Music (Malaysia) JMC Academy (Australia), Leeds College of Music (UK), Malmo Academy of Music (Sweden), Metropolia (Finland), Napier University (UK), Royal Academy of Music (Denmark), Royal Northern College of Music (UK), The True School of Music (India), Saint Louis College of Music (Italy), University Of Agder (Norway) and Valencia Campus (Spain).

TIME: Monday, Nov. 5th, 5.00pm – 10.00pm