Presentation meeting of the vocal laboratory “Voglio cantare il jazz!”  (I want to sing jazz!) by Daniela Spalletta.

DATE: Thursday, November 29th, 2018
TIME: 7:30 pm – 9:30pm
Saint Louis Via Urbana, 49/a
Language: Italian
Free entry, upon reservation by emailing

The Course
Vocal Jazz reflects the fascinating ambivalence of the “voice instrument”. In accordance with its recognized expressiveness, it is capable of conveying more than any other richness and plurality of affects and effects of the human emotional subject. In its most traditional role, it is the exposition of a melodic theme associated with a text. In the wake of the most daring jazz soloists, Armstrong began the trend of “scatting” which transforms the voice into the most flexible instrument. Far from the passionate blues, conventions of the work, and the artificiality of pop, the voice emancipates itself from its traditional role and is inserted into the musical subject as the instrument among the instruments, which musical speculation, expressed in improvisation.
“Extraordinarily plastic” material and fundamental for the deepening of such complex issues is certainly the song form, which from the swing era, passing through the golden age of the Broadway Musical, thanks to the work of composers, lyricists, timeless interpreters, has constituted the fertile ground on which the language of jazz has evolved and classified, becoming the reference for the repertoire of jazz musicians all over the world. Therefore, the forms of some famous standards can be analyzed, focusing on the evolution and stylistic transformation of the jazz language formally, harmonic, and the improvisational point of view.
In vocal jazz, there is a third technique, Vocalese, the vocal style in which words are adapted to melodies originally performed as instrumental improvisations. While the phrasing scat uses syllables improvised and meaningless, it is chosen for their sound and rhythmic effectiveness. The vocalese uses a normal verification, sometimes composed, is most often written on the basis of a historical solo (King Pleasure, Jon Hendricks, Kurt Elling, etc.).
In conclusion, the Masterclass will discuss, through listening and singing all these aspects of jazz vocality. Without neglecting the addition to the solo aspect, the choral of Gospel and Spiritual and its inexhaustible sources are always a current inspiration in the contents and in the forms, for various performers and composers of the history of Jazz.

Focus on:

  • Interpretation and thematic elaboration
  • Stylistic insights
  • Elements of vocal improvisation
  • Scat
  • Development of the thematic idea in vocal improvisation
  • Phrasing
  • Melodic-harmonic ties

Daniela Spalletta
As a Sicilian, her passion for music was born as a child. At the age of 14, she began to study vocals. Obtained in 2001 the classical matriculation, she enrolled at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Catania, and at the same time, she attended the course of Singing Lyrical at the “V. Bellini “of Caltanissetta. She studied jazz, vocals, piano, and baroque singing with major musicians of the national music industry, including Giovanni Mazzarino, Rosalba Bentivoglio, Salvatore Bonafede, Angela Bucci, Michael Aspinall, etc. During her training, she attended seminars with Steve Swallow, Anthony Coleman, Maria Pia De Vito, Cinzia Spata, Huw Warren, Dino Govoni, Nedelka Prescod, Dennis Montgomery III, etc. She is a leader of several jazz formations, of which she writes the compositions and arrangements. She graduated in Vocal Jazz with honors, Mention, and Academic Kiss at the Conservatory “V. Bellini “of Palermo. In 2012 and 2013, she appeared in the “Top Jazz” of the Musica Jazz magazine, as a new Italian talent. From 2015, she collaborates with pianist Giovanni Mazzarino in a project dedicated to Sicily with refined compositions of the pianist. The Sicilian lyrics were written by Spalletta. In November 2017, the disc of the project came out named “Sikania” from the Jazz Records Label, which was the winner of the SIAE Sillumina 2016 competition. She recorded at the Artesuono, Stefano Amerio’s studio, together with Giovanni Mazzarino, Francesco Patti, Gabriele Evangelist, and Alessandro Paternesi. In 2017 and 2018, it was among the first places of the Jazzit Awards, of the well-known magazine JAZZIT, in the category “Italian Female Voice”. Mention and Academic Kiss at the Conservatory “V. Bellini “of Palermo.
Engravings, Publications. In 2013, she recorded her first leading album titled “D / Birth”, with Urban Fabula, a trio of young and talented Sicilian musicians and the “Hermes String Quartet” and Max Lonata as special guests. The album released in April 2015 from the Roman label “Alfa Music”, and has received numerous recognition from the public and critics that has been awarded by the prestigious magazine “JAZZIT” with the “Likes it” stamp, as well as being included in the ” 100 Greatest Album 2015 “from the same magazine. In June 2016, the album won the SoundCheck Airplay Music Awards 2015/2016 of the well-known radio show SoundCheck by Radio 24, conducted by Gege Telesforo, as “Best Italian Jazz”.
In 2015, as part of the Festival Musica Futura – Young Winners of the Arts Prize (Pescara), the live part of the concert performed for the occasion with the No Game 5et is published. She is the author, along with Norma Winstone, of the lyrics of the album “Willow: a jazz suite”, a philological work on the music of Steve Swallow, released in March 2014 and attached to the magazine “Musica Jazz”; in the record they play, besides the Swallow himself, musicians of the caliber of Giovanni Mazzarino, Cinzia Roncelli, Adam Nussbaum, Stefano Bagnoli, Riccardo Fioravanti, Dino Rubino.
Competitions, Awards, Awards. In June 2008 she was classified as third place at the “Vittoria Rotary Jazz Award” National Competition, directed by F. Cafiso (Vittoria, RG). In July 2009, she won a scholarship as the best student at the “Piazza Jazz” Festival, directed by Giovanni Mazzarino (Piazza Armerina EN). In January 2012, she won the Enzo Randisi Award (Palermo). In April 2013, she was the winner of the National Arts Award in Turin with the “No Game 5et” of the “V.Bellini” Conservatory of Palermo. In June, she was finalist of the International Award Massimo Urbani (MC); in July he was a finalist of the Jazz Live Award – Fara Music Festival (RI); of the Conad Jazz Contest, with its “D / Birth” project selected from more than 200 groups and the Baronissi Jazz (SA); In August 2014, she was a finalist at the Barga Jazz Contest with the “Kids Garden” group; in September she is a finalist in the “Writing in Jazz” (SS) Award; In October she won the “Lucca Jazz Donna” Prize, with her project “D / Birth”, together with the Urban Fabula and at the same time the “LJD Ambassador” Prize; also in October she is among the Top 15 Finalists of the “Sarah Vaughan International Jazz Vocal Competition” Newark (NJ, USA). In December, she won the Corrado Maranci Award (Siracusa).
In January 2015, she was a finalist for the “Enzo Randisi – Stardust Edition”, with the No Game 5et. In May 2015, he was Third Classified at the “Premio Claudio Abbado” – Jazz Section, held in Rome, at the “Santa Cecilia” Conservatory. In July 2015 she won a “Full Tuition” scholarship for a Masters degree at the Berklee College of Music in Valencia, as well as the opening concert of the Umbria Jazz Winter 2015 in Orvieto. In August 2015, she won the Tony Scott Jazz Award (Campofelice di Roccella – PA). In July 2016, she won the Multiculturita Europe Contest (Capurso, BA), with his D / Birth project, together with Urban Fabula. In 2017, she was among the winners of the Siae “Sillumina 2016” Prize – Category New Works – Music Section, for the production of the “Sikania” album published by Jazzy Records, together with the pianist Giovanni Mazzarino;
She has participated in numerous national and international festivals, including: Atelier Musicale XX Season (MI), Jazz at Piccolo (MI), Umbria Jazz (Perugia), Nettuno Suona Jazz (Messina), Rendez Vous De L’Erdre (Nantes) , Jazz Cream Art Festival, Suona Italian (Nice), Modica Jazz Fest (RG), Iseo Jazz (BS), Jazz Square (EN), Musica Futura (PE) Django World Music Festival (Malta), Casa del Jazz (Rome) , Vittoria Jazz Festival (RG), Blue Brass Jazz Club (Palermo), Count Basie Jazz Club (Genoa), Piacenza Jazz Club, Biella Jazz Club, Bari in Jazz, etc. He has played with: Giovanni Mazzarino, Enrico Intra, Max Ionata, Fabrizio Bosso, Riccardo Fioravanti, Nicky Nicolai, Monica Mancini, Gregg Field, Dino Rubino, Daniele Di Bonventura, Alessandro Paternesi, Gabriele Evangelista, Israel Varela, Alessandro Marzi, Andrea Beneventano, Rosalba Bentivoglio, Chiara Civello, Alberto Fidone, Seby Burgio, Peppe Tringali, Giuseppe Bassi, Nicola Angelucci, Marco Vaggi, Vito Giordano, Orazio Maugeri, Fabrizio Giambanco, Aldo Vigorito, Urban Fabula, etc. She carries out an intense teaching activity as a teacher of jazz and modern singing, choral workshop and ensemble music. She is Professor of Jazz Singing at the “Arturo Toscanini” Institute of Musical Studies of Ribera (AG) and the “Fausto Torrefranca” Conservatory of Vibo Valentia.