In collaboration with MidiWare, the Italian product specialists, Genelec, will be with Saint Louis professor, Vincenzo Lombardozzi, a real lesson in Acoustic Physics using one of the most prestigious brands of active monitors in the world.
The acoustics of the rooms combined with accurate listening is a fundamental element in a direction or a recording room.
Having the best microphones, the most performing pre-amplifiers, and the clearest converters would be useless if you are working in an acoustically flawed environment that does not allow you to listen to the sound material you are working on.
A listening that emphasizes the low frequencies.
Ensuring good listening
Genelec, a traditional Finnish company, has developed a DSP-based calibration system that allows users to optimize their ratings.
The GLM is also definitely interesting from an educational point of view.
Thanks to its control functions, it is possible to find out empirically what are the consequences of a phase cancellation caused by incorrect positioning of the monitors or an untreated room, and how much an adequate calibration also allows to improve the perfection of the spatiality of the sound. Factors are extremely important both for those who work on a stereo mix, but especially for those who hold to deal with surround systems, more and more oriented to the total immersion of the listener in the soundscape.

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Language: Italian