Saturday Night live at Ferro 54, OutAut in concert:

Iacopo Schiavo – Guitar
Gianluca Massetti – Piano
Dario Giacovelli – Basso
Alessio Baldelli – Battery

OutAut is a musical group led by guitarist Lacopo Schiavo, author of most of the songs, which gives ample space to his guitar style strongly influenced by Mediterranean music (especially flamenco) and Latin American, in which the classical guitar plays a leading role.
The powerful rhythmic vocation of OutAut’s music is supported by the modern jazz sound of Gianluca Massetti on piano and Dario Giacovelli on double bass, already a winning couple in Atrìo, and Alessio Baldelli on drums, which he assembled in a unique mixed set.
Despite the acoustic sounds being the main sound of the OutAut, there is no shortage in their concerts moments of electric jazz in which it makes extensive use of effects and electronics, confirming how the timbre sophistication is the basis of their music.

The concert starts at 9:30 pm

Free entry


Via Angelo Bargoni, 54 
00153 Rome

Reservations: 06 4550 6759