Italian Jazz CREA is a project of the Saint Louis College of Music that is bringing young musicians, arrangers, and composers on the stage of prestigious Conservatories, theaters, and festivals in Italy and abroad, in collaboration with established artists and conductors such as Inaki Askunze, Richard De Rosa, Paolo Fresu, and Javier Girotto.
As part of the project, supported by MiBact, Saint Louis is committed to promoting Italy, Europe, and America. The original creations of 8 talented young Italian composers performed in Italy by the Saint Louis Big Band, directed by M ° Antonio Solimene and abroad by the resident ensembles of the Conservatory of Navarre and the University of North Texas.
The last stage of the international tour will see 6 young composers and arrangers from the Saint Louis house direct the local Big Band of the Pamplona Conservatory, prepared by the Basque saxophonist Inaki Askunze, who was already a guest in Rome in the previous phases of the project.
The 6 protagonists: Gabriele Ceccarelli, Filippo Minisola, Fabio Renzullo, Alessio Sacco, Milena Nigro, and Riccardo Garçia Rubi

The “captain” of the Project is Maestro Antonio Solimene, who constantly supported the 6 composers in the preparation and finalization of the repertoire pieces, which consists in this case of arrangements of original pieces by the special guest of the evening and a great Argentine saxophonist, Javier Girotto.

From November 12th to 14th, the composers will try the songs with the local Big Band, and then crown the trip with a final concert on the evening of November 15th. It is open to the public and organized concurrently with the opening night of the Spanish Conservatories Congress and International, hosted by the Pamplona Conservatory itself.

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DATE: Thursday, November 15th,
TIME: 6:00 p.m to 8:00 p.m