The second meeting with live signing is Saint Louis Saturday, November 10 at Ferro54.

Under the artistic direction from Romina Ciuffa, the local trasteverino of the brothers, Daniele and David Guidi, becomes the home of the Saint Louis College of Music every Saturday night to listen to new, young, talented, and the best-known artists of the Italian and international industry.
And not just jazz: from pop to Brazil, to rock, passing through every kind of music, during the year and every Saturday will perform all the most famous bands of the historic school, unique in Italy to be recognized by MIUR.
Thus the Roman cultural offer of an evening, that of Saturday, which tends to confusion and effect, is enriched with the opportunity to meet the new Saint Louis levers.
In the media partnership with Music In-Channel (, it will be an opportunity to get to know the artists connected to Saint Louis in a multifunctional space that hosts only quality choices, in a pleasant and welcoming environment, where before the music comes humanity of the encounter: from effect to affection.


Massimiliano Biondi Trio
Massimiliano Biondi – Guitar
Vincenzo Quirico – Bass
Vincenzo Protano – Drums

Domino’s Trio
Domino Spada – Vocals
Vincenzo Quirico – Bass
Davide Conti – Drums

The concert begins at 9:30 pm

Free entry


Reservations: 06 4550 6759
Place: Via Angelo Bargoni, 54 – 00153 Roma