Music Management by Alex Petroni – 25-hour module – CFA 3

Form: 20 hours
CFA: 3
Teacher: Alex Petroni 
Frequency: Every 2 weeks
Entry Requirements: None
Class size: 25 students
Places available: 25
Limitations: Open to all students of all academic courses.


During the course we will study and deepen, both from a theoretical and practical point of view, all the mechanisms that determine the entry and management of a musical project in the field of live music , discography, media communication, knowing closely the professional figures that are part of it and developing an effective and conscious work method, both for the individual artist and for a band.

It is a fundamental educational path for those who want to have clear ideas on how to manage their music, but also for those who want to take a managerial path.

From the X factor meaning to the organization of a tour, passing through TV and Radio promotion up to the explanation of relations with discography, agencies and managers, the gears that allow an artistic project to be realized and become a work.

Eligibility on the part of the teacher