Monograph : Bernard Herrmann: from Citizen Kane to Taxi Driver by Cristina Carlini – 20-hour form – CFA 3

Form: 20 hours
CFA: 3
Teacher: Cristina Carlini 
Frequency: Every 2 weeks
Entry Requirements: None 
Class size: 20 students
Places available: 20
Limitations: Open to all students of academic courses


Music and cinema:

  1. Bernard Herrmann – the three dramaturgical levels in the music of the film Citizen Kane,
  2. By Orson Welles – Bernard Herrmann
  3. in the Alfred Hitchcock cinema – the music of anxiety in Vertigo – the obstinate without escape in North West – the music of fear in Psyco


  • The objectives of the course are the following:
  • To mark the difference between absolute music and applied music.
  • To historically contextualize and analyze the dramaturgical levels of film music
  • Conduct a review of Bernard Herrmann’s music for film


  1. Lecture notes by prof. Cristina Carlini
  2. A text by Sergio Miceli
  3. The vision of all the films covered in the course