Michele Di LazzaroMichele Di Lazzaro

Graduated in Statistics, since the age of  14 anni he develops a strong interest for music (in particular rock and techno-electronic).

In 1997 he starts creating his first techno-progressive songs, but only in 2001-2002 does he find his perfect music fit within the “hard-style” genre that was developing between The Netherlands and Italy. Amongst his most important productions we find his releases on Stik, Zoom, Wicked, Sound Barrier, GM04, and others, released on the most important compilations of that genre in the whole world-

ln 2009 he enrolled in the “Midi e Fonia” course at Saint Louis College of Music, where he obtains his Diploma in 2011. He participated to various events as a sound engineer and backliner through the service “Dal Vivo” owned by Alberto Recchia. He also worked at various clubs and theaters such as The Place, Clockwork, Caffè latino, Teatro Argentina, Auditorium Parco della Musica, Teatro Verdi Firenze and many more. He also participated in an internship as a dubbing sound engineer at Dubbing Brothers Group.

Since 2015 he has been undertaking his artistic work again within the hard style music genre. Various important labels will be realizing his tracks.
From 2012 he became part of the Saint Louis staff, where since 2014 he teaches Acoustic Physics and other courses in “Midi and Fonia” and he collaborates in the teaching of Midi and music production.