In collaboration with “AND – Accademia Nazionale di Danza” (National Dance Academy) and ISIA Roma Design, Saint Louis College of Music is glad to announce the birth of Body Sound DiVision (BsdV).

Body Sound DiVision is an Erasmus+ consortium formed by the three Institutes of Higher Artistic Education, exquisitely Roman, albeit of national importance and depth, which stands at an international level as an interconnected entity and constituted for the purpose of carrying out Erasmus+, European and extra-European mobility projects.

The name, chosen by mutual agreement, wants to represent in a simple and direct way the areas of action in which the consortium institutes intend to move – Dance, Music, Design – emphasizing the primary focus of the Consortium itself, multidisciplinarity.

The 3 Consortium Partners are all based in Rome, Italy and each one represents the highest excellence in its own discipline:
Saint Louis College of Music (SLMC), Coordinator of the Consortium: AFAM Institute, active in Italy since 1976, the first private institution authorized for the release of 1st and 2nd level academic qualifications in Jazz & Popular Music, Composition and Film Music, Sound Engineering, Electronic music, Applied Music and Song-writing
Accademia Nazionale di Danza (AND), the only State institution in Italy that issues 1st and 2nd cycle Academic qualifications equivalent to university degrees for dance teaching;
ISIA Roma Design (ISIA) – Higher Institute for Artistic Industries, AFAM Institute of 40 years of activity, structurally based on research and experimentation, strong in cultural heritage and a unique scientific and educational experience in Italy.

To date, the Italian Higher Education Institutes place themselves and interface with their foreign partners as single and fragmented units, often confronting themselves with Institutes within which the various arts coexist and communicate harmoniously and prolifically, such as the French “Poles Superieurs” and the “Universities of Applied Sciences” of Northern Europe. This takes place in a context in which the institutes have as their individual target the student’s professionalization, a process that cannot occur in the absence of practical and direct application of learning and application in the field where everyone must be able to collaborate in concrete artistic projects and with specific cultural, social or market. This is both an artistic and didactic gap that Body Sound DiVision aims to fill, placing itself externally with an expanded strength.

Body Sound DiVision aims to carry out Erasmus projects for individual mobility, both European and non-European, involving students, post-graduate trainees and staff of the three Institutes, selecting foreign partners among the most inclined to the multidisciplinary approach and already partner of the individual Institutes of the Consortium, among which 3 non-European partners have already joined:
TSC – V. Sarajishvili Tbilisi State Conservatoire, Georgia,
TAFU – Shota Rustaveli Theater and Film Georgia State University
CAMM BFK, Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers Multimédia Balla Fasséké Kouyaté from Bamako, Mali

The best artistic products born within the activities of Body Sound DiVision – in terms of shows, new artistic teams and also innovative teaching methods will be extrapolated from the context to proceed to a real artistic production at national and international level, making available the skills and production means of the three partner institutes of the Consortium, such as recording labels, management and booking agencies, publishing series and so on.

On the occasion of the Erasmus+ Days 2020, on October 16 at 12:00, the video presentation of Body Sound DiVision will be broadcast for the first time on the main social channels of the 3 Institutes involved. 

For more information, visit the Body Sound DiVision website: