Maurizio Gianmarco

The star of Jazz in Italy since the early 70s, by Maurizio Giammarco is an accomplished saxophone soloist, composer, arranger, and leader of historic groups: Lingomania (considered the most representative band of the ’80s), the Parco Della Musica Jazz Orchestra (PMJO), the big band residing at the Auditorium in Rome and he directed between 2005 and 2010.

His work for great originality has recently continued with three projects for the Sicilian Mediterranean Jazz Orchestra (Skies of Sicily, The Bach Open Project: Streets of Escape, the Brazil by Maria Pia De Vito). Giammarco has a style that is recognizable on the soloist level as a structure.

He has a strong background in the history of jazz and a long experience also in other musical fields which is the result of a personal synthesis of one’s own experience. He has played with many internationally renowned jazz musicians including Chet Baker, Lester Bowie, Dave Liebman, Phil Markowitz, Miroslav Vitous, and many others along with almost all the most important Italian musicians. Among his numerous musical projects, the Rundeep quartet (with Vic Juris, Jay Anderson, and Adam Nussbaum) has been documented on the recent CD Lights and Shades.

Distinguished because of his past achievment and as a freelancer in records and pop music tours, he is currently also active in the field of education.

He has composed and arranged music for theater, dance, cinema, CD roms, symphony orchestra, and string orchestra. He is the author of a monograph on Sonny Rollins (1996) and a book of his compositions and transcriptions published by Carish (2012). He directed the review Termoli Jazz Podium from 2000 to 2006.

Leader: Lights & Shades (MG Rundeep, feat. V. Juris, J. Anderson, A. Nussbaum – PDM Rec, 2013) Electricity (Giammarco-Deidda-Arnold – PDM Records, 2012) Live at the Casa Del Jazz (MG4et with B .Stewart – L’Espresso, 2007) Live At The Big Mama (MG, Liebman, Di Castri, Humair – Soul Note, 2002) “7” +8 (with Phil Markowitz – Night Bird, 2001) In Our Hands (Heart Quartet – Blue Note International, 1995) Inside (Heart Quartet – Soul Note, 1993) Saurian Lexicon (MG 4et & 5et – Gala, 1991) Hornithology (with P. Erskine, M. Johnson, D. Rea – Gala, 1988)

Mediterranean Jazz Orchestra: The Bach Open Project: Vie di Fuga (Anagliphos, 2012) Skies of Sicily (Anagliphos, 2011) PMJO: Open on Sunday (PMJO & MG -PDM Records, 2011); At the Casa Del Jazz (PMJO & MG – L’Espresso, 2007) Electric Miles Directions (PMJO & MG feat. Mike Stern, PDM Records 2007) Megatones: Mega Meets Microtones (feat. D. Fiuczynski – Brave Art / Son, y 2005 ); Punkromatic (Brave Art / Sony, 2002) Lingomania: Walking (Gala, 1989); Grr … Expanders (Gala, 1987); Reverberations (Gala, 1985)

Sideman: StrayHorns (Alessandro Fabbri 7et feat. M.Giammarco, R.Rossi-Caligola, 2012); Love Ballads (with Art Lande, Leveratto, Cat – Red Records 1999); Song Tong (P.Damiani Ens. Feat. Kenny Wheeler, Splash, 1995) 2nd Passage (with Tessarollo, Johnson, Vincent-V.Veneto Records, 1995); Soft Journey (Chet Baker meets Enrico Pieranunzi-1980 / IDA).