Popular Music: Songwriting specialization

2nd cycle Academic Diploma (Master / Postgraduate level)
Authorized by MIUR, the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research  


An educational, experiential and working path highly specializing in writing lyrics and music, both for original productions and on demand style. Each student will participate in more orchestral ensembles, performing in several professional contexts, such as festivals and theaters, thus completing the training and entering the professional job world. Each student will be followed step by step in the production of his/her own original artistic projects, from writing, to arrangement, rehearsals, recordings, mixing and final publishing. During the two-year course, students will also improve their skills on one instrument, choosing between drums, bass, vocals, guitar and piano with the possibility of choosing multi-instrumentalism.

Each student will have 26 hours of individual lessons at his disposal and will be able to choose whether to attend them with one or two teachers each year, for the realization of his own original project to be published at the end of each year.

Creative workshop for the computer pre-production of the arrangements of one’s artistic project. 

Experimentation in the rehearsal room of the original compositions and arrangements. A work in progress, hand-in-hand with songwriting and arrangement for rehearsing, writing, changing, adapt and perfect your project.

Creative workshop aimed at creative writing in the style of important international interpreters, to learn the art of being an author for other artists.

Each student will have access to the recording studio to produce his/her own artistic project, in collaboration with the specialists of the sound engineering and electronic music courses.

Each student will be able to choose one or more instruments in which to perfect him/herself.


Songwriting, Marco D’angelo, Gianluca Podio, Serena Brancale, Roberto Giglio, Lello Panico
Arrangement Federica Zammarchi, Roberto Giglio, Vincenzo Presta
Production Marzia Bulli, Federica Zammarchi
Ensemble Serena Brancale, Federica Zammarchi, Michele Papadia