Electronic Music

2nd cycle Academic Diploma (Master / Postgraduate level)
Authorized by MIUR, the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research


Path targeted to the development of the student’s own compositional matrix and artistic identity of electro-acoustic musician, also put in practice through a career path of live electronic concerts, installations soundtracks, images and multimedia projects. The student acquires wide competence in composing and orchestrating with the most modern softwares and libraries, in processing a sound through a synthesis and / or sampling technique. Live electronics concerts in Festivals and Theaters.


Development of applications, patches and procedures for real-time composition to be used in the realization of one’s own works, installations or performances. Development of devices that extend the expressive and interactive scope of acoustic music instruments thanks to the use of sensors and the machine learning procedure. Development of working projects, installations and original compositions such as:
• composition for one or more instruments / voices and electronics in real time.
• audio-visual work for computer performer / sound synthesizer and instrument / voice (one or more) where the composer him/herself appears as a performer.
• works performed on the ecosystem paradigm for one or more executors.
• Short-lived narrative works (in the form of radio-drama) for one or more performers.

In its Electronic Music and Sound Engineering courses, Saint Louis has always put the study of sound synthesis in the foreground, with particular attention to analog synthesizers, which students begin to study and use from the very first lessons.
From this path came the idea of ​​a series of events dedicated to live electronic music performances that see the best students on stage together with some of their teachers.