Mario GaglianiMario Gagliani

Diploma in Composition, Conductorship, Choir Music, Choir Direction and Large Ensembles Instrumentation, he also achieved the high specialization Diploma in Orchestra Direction. Along with that, he also obtained the Diploma of High Specialization in Conductorship in the High School of Music of the Academy of Pescara with Honors.

As a conductor, he is the author of symphonic, chamber, sacred and theater music, as well as symphonic band music, with his works being played both in Italy and abroad. Winner of composition contests, some of his tunes have been introduced as mandatory ones in competitions. He is active in Conductorship working with Italian Orchestras and Winds Orchestras.

In 1998, he was awarded with the Maurizio Rinaldi Prize as best student of the Conductorship class in the Santa Cecilia Conservatory of Rome. Thanks to this award, he debuted in front of the audience conducting the   Stabat Mater by A. Dvorak for soloists, choir and orchestra in the Academic Hall of the Conservatoire. Sub process, he conducted  El retablo by maese Pedro by De Falla, Pergolesi’s  La serva padrona , Verdi’s  Traviata and others.

In 2000, he won the Call for Deputy Director of the Central Band of the Navy, conducting it both in Italy and abroad. He sat in the Committee of national and international competitions for the orchestra and band conductors. He is also a piano accompanist having been recognized for it in renowned national competitions. He is a researcher in the area of ​​analysis of music theory and in composition history. In 2002, he won the Call for Composition Chairman.