Mario Caporilli

In 1992, he graduated in trumpet at the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia and participated in the Etruria prize, ranking first as the best performer out of 120 participants.

He studied trumpet with Mike Applebaum, among the teachers: Massimo Moriconi, Fabio Zeppetella, Massimo Fedeli, Tony Mims, and Massimiliano Pani.

In 1995, he joined the Buscaja and with them went on tour for Camel Placet throughout Italy. He played in the big band Jazz Maggiolina Urkesta by Roberto Spadoni who has collaborated with the album “Mingus” and with it, he has participated in the most famous jazz shows.

He made the CD “We and Animals” with the group “Milk and its Derivatives” at the “Beatles” show at the Parioli theater in Rome. He toured Italy with the show, An American in Paris with Christian De Sica and the Universe orchestra directed by Marco Tiso (3 months at the NEW Milan, 2 weeks at the DIANA in Naples).

He has also been on tour with the show, “The Full Monthi” 2001-2002 season directed by Gigi Proietti (4 months Brancaccio of Rome and: Turin, Trieste, Naples, Bologna). Ha has participated in the TV show “I Recommendati” (Rai 1), had a concert in South Africa with Emy Stuart, and was in the musical “Teach me to dream” with Pino Insegno.

In 2005, he joined the Big Band of Franco Micalizzi, with whom he regularly played at the Classic Village. He recorded the musical “The dancing” and for the Chirimia album.

In 2006, he performed in the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Piazza Della Repubblica in Rome with: Max Gazzè, Tiro Mancino, Little Tony, and Enrico Ciacci. He has also participated in several TV programs, including “Domenica in” on Rai1 with the orchestra of the master Sandro Comini, “Come Along Cretino” with the Baraonna, Pino Insegno, Roberto Ciufoli and Emy Bergamo directed by Pierfrancesco Rology “With the Blues Willies” at the Morgana theater and the Parioli theater.