Maria Grazia Fontana graduated in piano at the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome in 1983, she has been working as a keyboardist, pianist and vocalist since 1978.
In 1979-80 she took part in the TV show Domenica In conducted by Pippo Baudo and began a close collaboration with the maestro Caruso who created other works such as: Sunday In, Fantastic, Evening D’Onore, Number one.

She collaborates simultaneously with other masters such as: Gianfranco Lombardi, Bruno Biriaco, Vito Tommaso, Gianni Ferrio, Renato Serio, Beppe Vessicchio etc. She also participated as a vocalist in the Sanremo and Sanremo Giovani singing event from 1992 to 2001.
She worked with artists such as: Eduardo De Crescenzo, Gege ‘Telesforo, Teresa De Sio, Luca Barbarossa, Giorgia, Mike Francis, Alex Baroni, Umberto Tozzi.

She took part in a theatrical tour with the singer Giorgia in 1995 with a vocal group called Daltro Canto with whom she held numerous concerts in well-known venues in the capital.
She was part of the well-known Roman musical complex “I Want The Black Leather” as the keyboardist with whom she released two distributed albums BMG and FLAYNG RECORD (1994-95).
She directed a SATB gospel choir and since 1993 it was composed of 40 elements with which she held numerous concerts including in the Vatican directed by maestro R. Serio and has collaborated in record productions with Italian Ragazzi, Giorgia and others.

They took part in Sanremo 2001, accompanying Giorgia in the song Sole E D’Azzurro. Currently, in addition to continuing her activity, she is involved in the artistic production of unknown young people.