Marcello SirignanoMarcello Sirignano

He completed his musical studies at the Conservatory of S. Cecilia in Rome, graduating in 1988. As a graduate, he began his career that will bring him among the most varied musical experiences embracing even genres and musical styles not really “academic” (Rag Time, Jazz, Blues, Tango) both as an instrumentalist and as a composer.
He has numerous collaborations with symphonic orchestras and chamber groups in Italy and abroad, also as a violist, as well as his participation in recordings and film soundtracks.

Numerous appearances in television programs under the guidance of Masters such as Gianni Ferrio, Bruno Canfora, Pippo Caruso, Renato Serio. Lately he has been concentrating his energies in a study on the adaptation of the stringed instrument technique to the needs of other genres and non-habitual musical languages, especially those of improvised music so much to be considered one of the few jazz violinists in Italy.