Luigi ZaccheoLuigi Zaccheo

Pianist, keyboard player, composer, arranger and music producer. Skilled in computer music he has reached a long experience in electronic music instruments area, specializing in hardware and software technologies within the music production.

He has collaborated as a musician and/or sound engineer with various artists like Federico Salvatore, Tiziano Ferro, Valeria Rossi, Nicola Piovani, Ennio Morricone, Antonio Pennacchi, Maurizio Battista, Daniele Vit, Andrea Febo, Gigi D’Alessio, Alyce, Elsa Lila, Lollipop, Adriano De Pasquale and with many labels like BMG Ariola, EMI Music, SONY Music, Arancia Records, Azzurra Music, DFV, Medusa Film, Kubla Khan. He has also composed the original soundtracks for “Le scarpe” (Teatro Sistina, 1997), “Roma, una storia infinita” with Carlo Verdone (1998), “Senza filtro” by and with Articolo 31 (2001), “SuperStizion” by Luciano Federico (2002), “Gradoli” (2008).

He has been following since 2002 the music production and the management for Federico Salvatore for whom he has produced three albums, a music DVD and the theatre shows “Se io fossi San Gennaro” (2012-2013) and “E noi zitti sotto” (2013-2015), on stage in Italy with more than 100 encores. Zaccheo has been also curating the artistic productions of his own label Arancia Records. He has been teaching music production and composition at Saint Louis College of Music (Sound Engineering department) since 2002.