Luca Spagnoletti – Head of Electronic Music Composition

Luca Spagnoletti was born in Milan in 1954.

He is an Italian musician, composer and teacher, and son of the poet and professor Giacinto Spagnoletti.
Luca graduated at the Conservatory L. Refice of Frosinone, where he studied the flute with Master Eckstain and E. Casularo, composition with D. Guaccero and electronic music with G. Nottoli.

He is a composer with a lot of experience, and has had many collaborations in the visual arts sector (with artists such as: Fabrizio Plessi, Studio Azzurro, Fabio Barisani etc.). He is experienced with many musical genres such as: jazz, rock, ethno-music, and cultured electronic music. From the mid 70’s he collaborated with various Italian and foreign composers.

He teaches electronic music and composition at the St. Louis College of Music, at the University of Rome Tor Vergata in the 1st level Master in SONIC ARTS and is a specialist in the DAMS Faculty (Faculty of art, music and entertainment).

As a composer and a creator of electronic art, he participated in many Italian and International festivals such as: Lin Electronic Ars, Camerino Electronic Art, Villa Medici Rome, Mediterranean Noises, Vertical Music, Rome Europa Festival, Dissonaze, Cutoff, Rumors etc. .

He also offers many concert activities in Italy and abroad including live electronic performances.

Compositions for dance, theater, cinema and record publications:
-Multi-ethnic (1983)
-Frilli Troupe (1986) with Luigi Ceccarelli
-White skin black masks (1986)
-The space in the heart (1987)
-Sciame (1988)
-On y tombs … on n’y tombs (1988) with Luigi Ceccarelli –
Practices of the time (1988) –
Cassandra (1987) –
Three women (1988) –
Technically sweet (1989) –
Traces of weight in the soul (1990)
-Colori (1991)
-Majidas (1991)
-Attrito and memoria (1992)
-Palermo in times of plague (1992)
-Attrito and moto (1993)
-Oltre Oltre (1993) with Nicola Sani and Maria Monti
-Seminar on youth ( 1994) –
Mirages (1995)
-The mirror of wonders (1995)
-On the sea in the sea (1995)
-Care ombre (1995)
-Temps multiples (1996)
-Mobile immobile (1996)
-The Rosa Incarnata (1996)
-Notturno Etruscan (1997)
-The rosary of humble wonders (1997)
– The sad and dear motions of the … (1998)
– Silent itineraries (1998) –
Dans ma chambre (1998)
– Ancient Delirium (1999) –
Enchantment of capture (2000) –
Fire (2000 )
-Vent (2000)
-Falling backwards moving onwards (2000)
-The minotaur (2002)
-The tiger dance (2003)
-The dream of Orpheus (2003)
-He? Naughty boy! (2004)
-Quiet Fire (2005) with Andrea Polinelli
-Bagnaia fragment of a utopia (2005) with Eugenio Colombo
-Savitri (2006)
-Cercando Kaidara (2007) with Eugenio Colombo
-Genius Loci (2009) with Antonio Caggiano
-Birdwatching (2010) with Gregorio De Luca Comandini
-Alice is surprised (2011)

Music for advertising:
-Agip Petroli

Electronic projects:
–Method (2006) with Maurizio Martinucci aka TeZ
–Re-edit (2006/2009) with Luigi Carnovale
–AV/Flying (2009/2011) with Fabio Barisani (Visuals)
–Pixfoil (2011 / nowadays) with Fabio Barisani (Visuals)