Thanks to its geographical position being based in Rome, Saint Louis College of Music is a natural area of attraction for international students wishing to spend part of their studies abroad.
Saint Louis is located in 4 buildings in the very city center and is located a few steps from the Colosseum. This gives the students the chance of enjoying one of the best areas of the town and its life while studying and progressing in their didactic path.
Rome offers a lot to visiting students including many concerts and live events, in particular, for young people who are willing to become professional musicians. But it can also be confusing and overwhelming: so much of so many things! And that’s the reason why Saint Louis helps the students network and to be aware of all that’s going on in town.
The best help in this sense is supplied by the Students’ Union who will welcome all incoming students. They will show them around in their first weeks in Rome and continue to support them all through their stay in Italy, giving them precious suggestions about houses, transports, meals, clubs, etc.
All necessary basic information about housing, moving to Rome and first orientation in the new city will be given by the International Office prior to the departure of the student, so that he/she will not feel “lost” when arriving in Rome.
Saint Louis also actively organizes students’ concerts (Lab on the Road, Summer and Winter Gigs, Simply the Best, etc.) and events all through the year.
These are targeted  both to give the students the chance of continuously performing on real stages and in front of a real audience, to help the students network and meet each other, and become friends and exchange opinions on music and on every other subject.
The International Office will constantly communicate these events to the International Students, through a dedicated mailing list, that will integrate the communication offered by the website, the Students’ Board and all Social Networks.
Living in Rome, average costs:
1. Renting a room in a flat: € 350-600 per month
2. Renting a small flat for two/four people: € 750-1.200 per month
3. Moving in Rome: Metro&Bus € 35 per month