Lectures at Saint Louis are held primarily in Italian, with various classes available also in English. Individual instrument/vocal classes, as well as practical classes, are granted in English upon requested.

Though knowing Italian is NOT a mandatory prerequisite to gain access to the academic courses at Saint Louis, it is strongly recommended that the student know some basics of the Italian language before starting their studies in Saint Louis. That way the student can regularly progress in his/her academic path and be able to connect with other students and musicians, especially during collective classes.

Therefore, we invite students to start studying Italian before leaving their country of origin. The advised basic knowledge is equivalent to a standard A2 level.

After being admitted to the academic course, International students will have the chance of attending a weekly Italian language class, included in the regular fees.
This course will be evaluated with 2 ECTS per year and will be graded with a pass/fail.

Also, International students benefit from special linguistic support thanks to many initiatives organized by the International Office such as: buddy program, extra study material in English provided by teachers, frequent meetings with the International Office and teachers to make sure the student is attending with ease every course.

Since the number of International students is growing, it is Saint Louis’ goal to provide entire study paths in English.

Scuola Di Lungua Italiana Leonardo Da Vinci Al Saint Louis

For the students who wish to improve their Italian or those who wish to start studying it from scratch, Saint Louis opened a

special agreement with a well-know, reliable Italian language school based in Rome (but also present in Milan, Florence and Siena): SCUOLA LEONARDO DA VINCI
For further information on the Italian language courses offered by Scuola Leonardo to Saint Louis students, and to benefit of the special prices reserved to them, please contact our International Office: